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We schedule regular meetings with parents and families to discuss the Individualised & Strength-Based Goals for each child.

We would like to work in partnership and collaboration with you to support your child’s learning and have a smooth transition from home and centre. It is important for us that we work closely with families and attend to your needs and expectations in terms of extending your child’s learning and development. This goal will be reviewed and updated regularly upon discussion with families.  It is collective effort from our team and families to gather evidence for the learning goal. 

We welcome family’s feedback and suggestions on the following:

-What more could we do to support your child and your family? 

-Festivals & culture that are relevant to you and your child

-How could we support individual child on transition from home to centre? 

-Language program (Mandarin, Spanish and more)

-Inclusion Education (cultures, festivals, language and etc.)

 We will collect data and evidence of how we supported his learning goals. We can review and set up new learning goals down the road. We will always keep our communications open shall you need to discuss matters about your child’s learning and development. 

From your perspective:

What strengths do you find in ______(name)? 

What are his characteristics? 

What are his interests 

What songs do you sing to him? 

Are there any specific festivals you would like us to celebrate with your child? 

What is _____’s favourite home meal? Could you please share the recipe with us? 

What books do you read at home? 

Are there any goals in your mind to set for _____ in the next few months? One or two goals? 

For example: 

  • Language development
  • Social interactions, engaging with multiple peers
  • Sharing skills
  • Promote Independence 
  • Emotional regulation? 
  • Behavioural 
  • Physical wellbeing 
  • Behavioural guidance 
  • Sleep needs 
  • Eating 
  • Toilet training 
  • Communication 

Do you identify any learning needs? 

What are your expectations?  How would you like us to support his learning?