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We recognise the uniqueness of the individual and the importance of the relationships that children bring to the learning environment. We believe respectful relationships are at the core of learning. Children learn best when a trusting respectful relationship is developed among children, parents, and educators.  We believe children are capable and competent learners. Each child is unique and individual. Children of all ages bring to the learning experience their own skills and knowledge and this is valued and respected. We acknowledge and incorporate each child’s strengths, interests, and needs in planning and implementing our educational programs. We aim to adopt a holistic approach in our curriculum to intentionally support and promote children’s social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

We understand that every child  is unique. We aim to be receptive to individual differences and promote a learning environment tailored to each child’s specific needs to allow for individual growth, learning and development. Our qualified multilingual educators will actively engage in children’s learning and share decision making with your children. They use everyday interactions with children during play, rituals, and ongoing projects to stimulate children’s thinking and to enrich their learning. Children are encouraged and invited to engage and interact positively with their peers and educators through meaningful play-based experiences guided by Early Years Learning Framework and multiple early childhood pedagogical theories.

At the heart of our approach to learning is a commitment to embracing the sense of wonder, curiosity, and creativity of each child. We aim to support the abundant potential of all children as they are given opportunities to question, play and explore, developing their creative confidence. Interest and inquiry are the most fundamental curriculum elements in our centre. We value children as central to their own learning. We believe children are able to pursue their own interests and revisit and build upon ideas at their own pace. At the centre, we focus on engaging with children about their thoughts, experiences and feelings to help them navigate their world and develop self-awarenessEducators will be responsive to children’s motivations, interests, and what is meaningful for children in their lives. Interests start from children, and inquiry is an intentional teaching strategy that educators will use to take children’s thinking deeper

We believe environment is the third teacher. We aim to provide an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and rich in resources to stimulate learning and providing motivating and challenging programs.

We aim to promote environmentally sustainable practises within the centre, and children are taught to recognise their environmental responsibilities. Our sustainability practises are embedded in day to day learning and children are encouraged to reduce, recycle, and reuse.

At the core of our approach to learning, is a commitment to developing the child’s critical thinking skills.  Our centre boasts various age-appropriate learning provocations to develop the child’s critical thinking skills through active engagement.

For example, inspiring them to think about how or why, finding solutions to problems, challenging children’s ideas and perspectives. As we collect data, such as conversations, work samples, photos or videos, we will come up with our research questions to assist us plan our provocations. We incorporate ongoing observations, evaluation, and critical reflection in our educational program to support and scaffold each individual’s children’s needs, interests, and learning. We will work closely with families and community in order to provide the best possible education and care for all the children in our care. We belief parents and carers have the expert knowledge of their child. Families are encouraged to take an active role in the education process. Ongoing communication among children, families, and educators are fundamental to create a nurturing and rich social environment for everyone involved. We embrace and celebrate cultural diversities. We are aiming to collaborative partnership with families from diverse cultural background to enrich our children’s daily learning and nurture our children’s development in all areas