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" The toddlers are gradually developing their own sense and thoughts. During this period, the educators will focus on their increasing independence and autonomy."

The second and third year of a young child’s life has many big changes. The toddlers are slowly learning to express themselves through talking, recognising familiar faces of peers and adults around them and becoming more skilful in a range of physical activities.  

The toddlers would also be teething and might feel upset or uncomfortable. It is important for parents and educators to communicate with each other regularly to update each other of any changes we see in the little one. 

With an increased independence, there are more activities which the children can do. Scroll down to see what happens in a day as a toddler. 

Do not worry, we are here to help! 

7.30 – 9 AM

Multi-age exploration

On some days, we might start outdoors where we are free to play in the sand pit, draw or paint at the easels, read some books, climb on the bars or build something. When it gets too cold, we will start indoors in the Nursery room where I can explore the different materials and resources. This helps me to develop my sense of agency and I can choose activities which interest me.

9.00 – 9.30 AM

Morning tea

At 9.00 a.m., we join our friends at the dining table to have morning tea. Our morning tea is yummy and nutritious. I get to choose from a selection of seasonal fruits and snacks planned out by a trained meal planner. My educators would ask me which fruit I would like to have and serve me. I feel empowered and respected when my educators ask for my opinion. After every meal, my teacher will record how much I ate on the OWNA system where my parents can monitor and track.

9.30 – 10.30 AM

Outdoor exploration

After morning tea, we make our way outdoors. I am excited to see how my educators set up the outdoor environment. Sometimes, we have a picnic outside, paint, kick balls, climb or read books outside. It feels really different when I do these activities outdoors. My educators change the outdoors regularly so that I have many opportunities to explore the environment. They will also take photos of me at work and post it on OWNA for my family to see!

10.30 – 11.30 AM

Indoor exploration

We go into the 2-5 room where my educators will set up different activities for my friends and I to participate in. We go to the construction corner where I can build a carpark for my cars. Sometimes, I will conduct experiments or create art pieces at the table. These activities will help me practice my focus and independence. The many activities planned can support the development of my language, social and emotional, cognitive, physical and creative skills.


11.30 – 12.00 AM


Lunch is served at the dining table. Our meals are designed by the nutritionist at Kids Gourmet Food and our Food Safety trained kitchen hand will help us prepare the food. For my friends who have special diets due to medical or cultural reasons, there will be a personalised menu and a separate bowl with a clear label and information at meal time for them. There is boiled warm and room temperature water for me to drink throughout the day.


12.00 – 12.30  PM

Routine care

Some of my friends are learning to go to the toilet. Our educators engages our parents to see if our family is ready for us to start toilet training. They will come up with a plan to help me use the toilet successfully and happily. With the plan, all the adults in my school and at home will know how to support me in transiting to the potty in the most comfortable way. This is part of my growth and skills which I will achieve as I grow older. My educators will update the OWNA app on how I am doing.


12.30 – 2.30 PM

Nap time

Being big girls and boys, we sleep on the beds with our own sheets and covers, labelled with our photos and names. Sometimes, my parents request for me to gradually cut down on the amount of time I sleep as I prepare for my transition into the preschool years. After I wake up, I can choose to do quiet activities at the table or read a book quietly while some of my friends sleep. I learn to keep calm and be considerate of others who might still be sleeping.

2.30 – 3.00 PM

Quiet activities

I can go outside and explore the activities as my friends start to wake up. I can read a book or walk on the balancing beam. All these choice activities can help me gain confidence and resilience. My educators say that these learning dispositions will set me up for life and help me grow into a strong and capable individual.

We use the OWNA APP to share important information with parents.

3.00 – 3.30 PM

Progressive afternoon tea

We will have snacks and an assortment of fruits for afternoon tea. We can choose the fruits and snacks that we would like to eat. After eating, we practice scraping our own bowls and cleaning my little face and hands using the face washers. This helps me to gain self-help skills to take care of myself.

3.30 – 4.30  PM

Outdoor exploration

My educator will apply sunscreen for me again and pass me my hat. I get to revisit the the outdoor space to continue my inquiries, movement, construction, ball games, art and

meaning making, sand and water play, and nature exploration. I can have some risky play by climbing up the structures and balancing on the beams because I know that my educators are there to support me. This helps me feel safe and secured.

4.30 – 5.00 PM

Pack away and tidy up

It is time for tidy up. We will all come together to help the educators tidy up the outdoor space. We will all help in our own little way. We help to keep the outdoor environment tidy and neat. I am excited to see how my educator will set up the environment tomorrow.

5.00 – 5.30 PM

Late snack

It is time for late snack! We sit at the dining table and have fruits and vegetables while we wait for our parents to come and pick us up. Sometimes, I like to pick up a book and get my educator to read it for me.

 5.30 – 6.00 PM

Reconnecting with loved ones

After a long day, my parents come and pick me up. My educators will also share with my parents what I did today and the photos would have been posted on the OWNA app.

As a security measure, my parents would need to sign me out on the centre’s iPad or via the OWNA app on their phones.


Supporting independence

As a toddler, I am discovering new skills and capabilities everyday. I like the way my educators encourage me to make choices and do things by myself.

My educators regularly communicate with my parents about how can they support my growing independence both at home and school. I love watching my educators model positive behaviour and actions and I would follow after them.

3 times a year

Meeting parents

My educators meet my parents at least 3 times a year to discuss how am I developing in school and at home. They discuss about what goals they want me to work towards and my interests, likes and dislikes. My educators and parents will agree on 3 goals. My educators will plan experiences which I am interested in, are in line with my goals and related to the ongoing project in the room. My educator observes me regularly and posts 1 observation a month on the OWNA app for my family to see how I am progressing!