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Our infant, baby care and preschool is here to support and guide families and parents from Hornsby area in orientation after enrolment. We provide a two-week orientation for family in Hornsby. Throughout orientation, family and our team will work out a transition plan for your child, as we all know transition from home to day care can be a big change for a young child.  In these two weeks, your child will attend short play sessions at the early learning centre where she/he can slowly become more familiar with the new environment and the educators. Our childcare encourage family to share any of your concerns with our educators.

After two-week orientation, family and educators will evaluate and decide together if your child is ready to attend a full day with us. Please be assured, we will stay in touch with family about your child’s situation, emotion, sleep, eating, playing and learning. We welcome family’s involvement and feedback on helping day care to better cater each family in Hornsby and child’s needs throughout transition and orientation.