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We offer between up to 2 weeks orientation in the lead up to your child’s first day with us. This gives your child the opportunity to get familiar with their new learning environments, their peers and new teachers. It is also a great way for you and your child to get to know the educators. On the first day, we recommend coming in for half a day so that it is not too overwhelming for them. Our educators will update on your child’s emotional progress throughout their settling in period.

Why does transition matter?

Transition is part of many stages of life, and growth comes with change. Moving into a new environment is a time of change and adaption for children, their families, educators and teachers. Often referred to as a transition, this time of change provides opportunities to be responsive to children and families as they move into, between and beyond early learning environments.

Transition is not just about the first day. It is a process that happens over time and continues until children form relationships, learn new routines and feel a sense of connection and belonging in the new setting.Positive transitions across early childhood have long-lasting benefits and help lay the foundation for future learning success. Together, let’s make the big moves smaller.

Please talk to our friendly educators shall you and your family have any concerns regarding you child’s smooth transition.

What is a transition plan/strategy?

Making the move from home to an early childhood education and care setting for the first time is a significant move in a child’s learning journey.

Families are invited to take a meeting with the Ai Kids’ team or the lead educator. Families and our team work together for a transition strategy. Details and an individual plan will be discussed, such as flexible drop-off/pickup time and personalised routine (mealtimes and sleep time). The strategy aims to help your child experience a sense of security and consistency between home and centre environment in transition.

During orientation play sessions and long sessions, we also keep close contact with families for update.