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My child has always received excellent learning experiences and care from the educators at Mungarra. He has strong relationships with his educators across the classes. Mungarra has been flexible to ensure a successful transition into an older classroom for him. I have always had positive, supportive and honest conversations with the teachers who are focused on the wellbeing and development of the children.
I’ve been so happy with the quality of the teachers at Mungarra Kindergarten. They are all so caring and kind. I appreciate getting a personal report every day and like the different activities that are set up in the classroom each day.
One thing we have always loved about Mungarra is the bond each room’s main educator has with the children. Building that trust and knowing each student very well is what we most love about Mungarra. Mungarra staff have been so friendly and helpful at all times. All information is communicated well amongst staff and feedback on how our child is going is greatly appreciated! The recent efforts to meet professional standards are excellent!